We map social ecosystems

Consists in mapping the relevant actors in a social ecosystem, their relations, their services and possible service paths.

  • Collective design and implementation of assessment tools.
  • Implementation of assessments.
  • Analysis and generation of mapping.

We make actions visible

Make visible actions that improve a social ecosystem, through face-to-face events and online strategies.

  • Collective design of strategy and tools.
  • Implementation of technologies.

We create participation

We work with simple participation dynamics that can provide feedback or input for the design and building of a specific process.

  • Dynamization of collective working sessions (art of hosting).
  • Idea management and crowdsourcing.

We activate communities

Consists in keeping alive a community by publishing relevant content, promoting participation and making visible the activity of its members.

  • Actors linking.
  • Network building.
  • Participation strategy.
  • Community management.