Mariana Ruiz de Lobera

Mariana Ruiz de Lobera

Well being & Quality

Mariana is a graduate in Sociology, postgraduate in Social Psychology and Participatory-Action Research.

She works as a consultant on participative leadership, knowledge management and social innovation for the third sector. Passionate about participatory methodologies, harnessing of collective intelligence for social transformation and inter-cultural communication.

She has worked within NGOs, in international cooperation, in the field (Brazil, Nicaragua), responsible for knowledge management, participatory development methodologies and systematization of experiences. She also knows the sector as a consultant, working for NGOs and for local administration, training in inter-cultural communication skills, conflict resolution and social mediation.

Among other publications, she has published the book Methodology for Inter-cultural Education (Ministry of Education and la Catarata Editions).

Currently she is running workshops on Art of Hosting for the Masters degree in Psychosocial Intervention.