Our approach is based on art of hosting, agile and lean practices.

We highlight some basic management principles: communication, adaptation and awareness. These practices promote adaptive planning, iterative and evolutionary development, teamwork, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project to ensure a high-quality delivery of our strategy consulting, services and products. The following agile principles are the main promise to our clients and ourselves:

  • Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful solution.
  • Working solution is the principal measure of progress.
  • Close cooperation between client’s team and our team.
  • Simplicity is essential.

Our process can be summarized in two main stages where we involve clients, users, and different experts in order to configure a holistic and useful solution:

Collaborative ideation and design

We focus on real needs, we see things from the perspective of the potential user to adapt the solution to the target.

In this stage we:

  • Search for insights to understand what clients really need.
  • Analyse society, culture and trends which are vital during the process.
  • Carry out co-creation sessions with clients, users and multidisciplinary profiles, to generate and integrate ideas.
  • Design the touch-points hand-in-hand with our client (route map, brand, communication, methodologies, technologies, and the rest of elements that comprise the service).

Agile implementation

We believe in agile advantages so we implement our solution with this approach in order to deliver in a time-boxed iterative scheme and a rapid and flexible response to change.

In this stage we:

  • Co-create with the client the route map and milestones of implementation.
  • Review implementation advances with the client and adapt changes.
  • Validate through real-life experiments to ensure a useful solution.
  • Facilitate follow-up sessions and train the users.

Our Values

All our activities and processes are based on: