E-Motive Going Global: Network for innovative social solutions

November 2014 – Ongoing



Build with the E-Motive team and partners the next phase of the E-Motive program: from direct exchanges between innovators from the ‘south’ and the ‘north’, to a global interconnected network of innovative solutions.


Initial facilitation for the co-creation of an E-Motive Going Global phase, and subsequent support in its implementation. Within this, work with 3 selected pilot initiatives of internationally renowned social innovations to test services at a global level, and build a technological platform based on the results and insights of the process.

About E-Motive

E-motive was started in 2006 by Oxfam Novib, and has grown to a network of organisations across the globe, aiming to share innovative solutions to global and local issues. It currently operates in 39 countries, and has over 63 partners, which have made more than 80 exchanges of their social innovative solutions.

Methodologies and ongoing work

  • Art of hosting methodologies for initial co-creation of Going Global concept and dreams
  • Design thinking processes for design of Going Global platform
  • Agile methodologies for implementation and management of interaction between pilots and E-Motive Task Team
  • Creation of initial spaces for pilots:
  • Constant support and monitoring of pilots work
  • Design and implementation of Going Global technological platform