Human connections in organizations are vital. Whether they form as part of long-term relationships or brief encounters, all connections leave indelible traces. Organizations depend on individuals to interact and form connections to accomplish the work of the organization.

The quality of the connections linking the members of a team is critical to the motivation of the group toward a common goal and has an immediate effect on the effective results.

This article highlights the importance of building high-quality connections in organizational systems, as a way to improve the quality and effectiveness of team working.

But, what are high-quality connections?

They’re the connections with other people in which we feel positive regard, mutuality, and vitality. Positive regard is the sense that someone sees the best in us, even if we are only connected for a short time. Mutuality means we feel a sense of responsiveness and openness from another person. Finally, vitality captures the heightened sense of energy we feel when deeply connected to someone else — as if we are more alive in the moment.

Talking about “high quality connections” (HQCs) does not imply romantic attachment nor a long-term relationship, but it is described as a moment of “living presence, a state of pure being, in which isolated worries, vanities and desires vanish within a single vital organism”, the group itself.

We could assert that having high quality connections is to connect more from the heart (the emotional true being in us) rather than from the mind (the judging evaluator) .

In this type of connections with other people, a sense of safety and enhanced capability dominates the relationship so that our abilities sprout up spontaneously. Also understanding and comprehension are increased, so that these safe spaces of interaction are powerful environment for development and growth, both for the individual and for the group.

All this happens because when we feel well at ease in a group and positively regarded by all its members, our thinking is broadened and we absorb knowledge more quickly.

The study also shows that employees with high quality connections at work, demonstrate higher resilience, greater vitality, a deeper commitment with the organizational objectives and a major effectiveness in being agents of change. As a matter of fact, high quality connections are the way to unleash the potential of human beings in organizational systems; understanding these connections is gaining the access to the power of your team.