We’ve been led to believe that we’re less creative than what we actually are. We also know that most of us reduce our creative confidence as we grow older, given our fear of failure, fear of judgement or lack of emotional safety, to name a few. But what the hack with these obstacles: we want to be creative, reduce our blocks and allow more outputs to come to life!
On TOA 2016 fourty people took on the challenge. At Impact Hub Berlin they dove into the question: What do you want to do in the next 10 weeks of your life? We invited Max Oliva from Teamlabs in Madrid and he guided us through a 2-hour process. In the first challenge, he invited us to start up a new venture in 3 minutes! If all goes well, you will soon witness how the teamplay of basketball players will be improved via Artificial Intelligence pattern tracking and you can attend actual real-life dancing events (yes…real body movement, very impressively illustrated by the idea owners).


After the 3-minutes-start-up challenge we went through a process of collecting inspiration, sharing it with others and finally filtering out the essential sparks of creativity for the next 10 weeks of our lives. We got to pitch them in front of everyone, so saying “nobody knew about it” is not an option anymore. 🙂

For sure, the next 10 weeks will be a blast. We all left full of new ideas and confidence, having received support and inspiration from others. An amazing experience! One that shows us how the social technologies and methodologies can support our work in general!

Thank you Sophie Münzberg and Impact Hub Berlin team for hosting us in your amazing space! Thank you Max Oliva and Mariana Winther from Teamlabs for offering this workshop and Ursel Biester, Guglielmo Apolloni and Soledad Pons from Somos Más Berlin team for organizing.

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