is a very interesting and innovative type of experiment in which people are invited to compose a melody in a collaborative way, note by note, in real-time.

The way it works it’s quite simple: join the website of the project,, listen to the tune and decide which note should go next, later on the note will be voted by the crowd; the crowd decides how the song evolves, and how it ends.

The song is currently in skeleton form. When performed by artists, they will be at liberty to use their artistic interpretation. The lyrics for this song will also be crowd-generated in  another experiment.

The project is currently up to the Conclusion part of the song, 46041 people from 145 countries have helped create this melody so far and 4026 votes are remaining until melody is finished.

We have given our contribution proposing a note (we are quite proud of it) and we feel this is a nice, collaborative project it’s worth spreading over, so let’s start this brand-new year being creative! 🙂