In this 12 minutes presentation given in the keynote conference on October 24th, 2013 in Marseille, Jean-François Noubel, Collective Intelligence Research Institute founder, talks about our inner evolution in a world where everyone talks mostly about technology and external change.

Noubel in this short but very powerful and intense presentation claims that nowadays, in our “developed” societies we speak a lot about human evolution on the technical plane, about how ICTs are changing the way we interact and organize, but he highlights, “ there is a more, humankind related aspect, that has to do with social codes, ontology, language structure, posture and the relation with our bodies”.

“Collective intelligence tries to understand why, how, when we put a certain number of beings together, human beings, plants, animals, ecosystems…something happens,more or less effectively.

…A whole emerges, like a body, then something magical happens. Magical for the participants of course, magical also because a whole emerges, congruent, with a self-awareness, with a self-awareness, capable of evolving, moving”.

Jean-François Noubel

Watch the video to gain a deeper insight into Jean-François Noubel’s perspective on collective intelligence.