Last tuesday we have hosted the Hubperitivo: 20 creative souls giving input to 4 projects with a challenge for social entrepreneurship!

The Hubperitivo takes place at the co-working space Impact Hub Berlin once a month and is a fun, inspiring and networking event. Both Impact Hub members and guests come together for one evening to get to know each other, eat, laugh and support 3 initiatives who present their current business challenge. Three? But above it says four?! Wait for it…

In preparation to the event we invited and briefed 3 initiatives from the Impact Hub: Radbahn, Jourvie und Civocracy.


Radbahn is a Berlin based initiative and their idea is simple: they want to revive the pathway underneath an old metro trainway and build a fun and inspiring bycicle lane. It would be the only bycicle lane in the world that has a roof! The questjon they brought to the table was: How can we turn our stunning popularity and media visibility into commercial success?

The Jourvie app

The Jourvie app strives to facilitate the everyday life of patients suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. It complements traditional therapeutic approaches by digitally recording meals and tracking associated emotions and conditions. In a subsequent step, the archived food protocols can be sent to therapists via various formats such as PDF or Excel. Further more, various coping strategies are available when the patient is in need of soothing or motivation. Their question was: How can we kick ass and improve our user retention rate?


Civocracy wants to give to people the power to shape their communities. It offers an online platform to engage citizens in local decisions. Their question was: how can we create a critical mass of users so that civocracy „lives on its own“?

We wouldn´t be in a creative environment if there wasn´t the element of the unknown. We invited it by preparing an extra table for it, and fortunately so! Lukas joined the presentation round as a spontaneous guest and presented his initiative: Natural Hemp Bags, handmade in Thailand, which he is creating a market for here in Europe. His challenge: how can I run a successful crowdfunding campaign in order to finance production in Thailand?

After the presentations we went into three rounds of brainstorming, following the Hubperitivo Dos and Dont´s: Invite imagination and craziness and don´t hold back!

We got amazing results and closed with a round of collective reflection on the event. Everybody took away new knowledge, more connections and a lighter heart, because sharing is caring. 🙂

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