This is the story of an idea that, like many others, was first conceived in the heart-connected mind of one person, but then shared and converted into the idea in the mind of many, an idea to be shaped and expanded, a common challenge to face collectively.

This is the story of a project that started in a way and then grew up to be converted into something new, in something alive and complex, so complex that it became hard to define, both for the multiplicity of the themes it touched and for the heterogeneity of actors it entailed.

This is the story of E-Motive, a project that, from its start, in 2006, has been reinvented and re-adapted through a continuous absorption of feed-backs and contributions from people and organizations from all over the world.

E-Motive’s philosophy is based on the idea that by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and innovative social solutions between people and organizations of different cultural contexts, major global problems can be jointly addressed and solved.

With this objective in mind, E-Motive started looking for a new way to effectively solve social problems matching innovative solutions from different countries of the world. So how to do it?

To respond this need E-Motive needed help and at this point Somos Más Europe entered the transformation process at the beginning of 2015, to help define and design (& implement) a digital platform for social innovators to meet, exchange/combine knowledge/solutions and develop and articulate concrete, local purposes to address global important problems.

Since Somos Más  major mission as an organization was to help groups and collectives to organize and articulate  toward the activation and optimization of team collective intelligence, the match was perfect,  E-Motive challenge was a really good one to take.

So various sessions of design workshop were held to join physically, debate, design and modelling the idea and structure of the digital platform to launch.

But we also had party!

The work that has been done in these last months has demonstrated that when people join and organize around a common challenge, they can be incredibly effective in finding the best solutions to address that challenge. It is as if the collective point of view could spot the core of the topic, its body and soul.

This result was clearly achieved when we managed to define E-Motive in a way that could express its inner spirit and to activate the passion moving all us from the bottom.

The definition we agreed was:

From this moment we had a new start: we all had a more or less clear mind visualization of the platform to be developed. A new phase had been entered, we were all on the same boat (or train) sharing our feelings about E-Motive , the objectives to achieve. This was a moment of connection and sharing and I felt so proud in being part of it!

It was such a touching process to see how an idea in the mind of one person could be shared and developed collectively, using the intelligence of all the people in that context, each one bringing a different cultural and professional contribution to the topic.

Extracurricular activities

Every well done job deserves a decompression phase, this was the aim the extracurricular activity was meant to.

The organizer of this session of design workshop, la coordinadora de ONG, prepared a very special surprise: a guided tour between some of the areas where the artist collective “Basurama” develops its projects of recycle and reuse of waste toward the creation of a more human-centred (and sustainable) urban ecosystem.

Great fruitful and inspiring days. All a joy to be part of a team that address collective problems as a whole one, that I feel, it is quite the best way to do it. 🙂

Raffaella Toticchi

Somos Más Europe Communications