It was the final meeting of the CircleVET project, an ambitious adventure to offer an educational framework to train Circular Economy in the Vocational Education Training level. Finalizing our work, we had a fertile debate on what is next, what would be our policy recommendation considering all the results that came up during these 2 years that 7 European organizations worked together. 

“There is a huge gap to be closed between European countries on how they approach Circular Economy in the Vocational Educational Training. Project like ours build a common narrative for the region.” 

We would like to praise the supportive coordination from CRN fellows, namely Ewelina, Rimantė and Martin for the great efforts they put on keeping the good course of the project, even with the biggest of the challenges that appeared along the way: a pandemic. And all the other project mates we met on many occasions: 

  • Circular Berlin: Arianna Nicoletti, Daniele Ronca, Dina Padalkina, Isabel Ordoñez, Laura Grotenrath, Laura Konieczny, Leon Bucher, Marilu Valente, Phoebe Blackburn.
  • CRN: Ewelina Barthel, Jessica Sebald, Katarzyna Wlusek, Martin Barthel, Rimantė Rušaitė, Volkan Altintas
  • GoDesk: Andrea Di Lascio, Antonino Imbesi, Canio Loguercio, Edoardo Bellino, Federico Liguori, Leonardo Filiani, Lucia Lecce, Luigi Vitelli
  • ITMBO: Barıs CEM, Berk Altıciflik, Buray Tuzun, Hakan Arttitici, ílayda Arttirici, Meral Elalmış, Selin Elmas
  • NaraSK: Dominika Adameková, Ivana Martincová-Škriniarová, Radoslav Grollmus, Andrej Matús, Jan Plesník, Katarína Ikreniová, Livia Klimentová, Matej Plesník
  • Sykli: Aura Piha, Heli-Majia Nevala, Knuutila Henna, Maria Runonen, Tiina Taipale, Virta Marketta
  • Somos Más: Carolina Escobar Mejía, Inés Más, Jorge Silbermann, Maria Claudia Prieto, Rochele Melo


Photo on the top: Jamie Street on Unsplash