Thanks to our Finnish partners Sykli, we enjoyed the great weather in Helsinki during middle June and were pleased to visit Stadin ammattiopisto Vocational School and to know stories of students that have opened their own business based on the concepts of the circular economy. We also received a lecture from teachers of design, fashion and textile industry, teaching us how circular economy has been integrated into their curriculum. We also visited their atelier class and discussed with students. 

In this trip, we had the opportunity to better understand the educational system of Finland and VET’s position in it. We have visited the Finnish National Agency of Education and the campus of Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College, one of the most highly recognized VET schools of Finland. 

In this meeting, partners also had the opportunity to present one or two pedagogic smart practices from their country, based on the template that was agreed on before the meeting. 

As a team integration activity, we took the ferry to Suomenlinna island, a Unesco world heritage site and enjoyed the beauty of the place.


Photo on the top: Kit Suman on Unsplash