The first meeting of the CircleVET consortium took place in Berlin, the city of the project coordinating organization, Comparative Research Network (CRN). In this transnational meeting, we have outlined the bases of the project and how we will organize ourselves to achieve the proposed objectives.

The CircleVET project seeks to generate teaching practices on Circular Economy in the field of Vocational Educational Training (FPE or its English acronym VET – Vocational Educational Training). Somos Más is part of this group with 6 other organizations, from 6 different countries, which have a wide sort of knowledge on the subject, from educational centres to sustainable businesses.

The responsibility of Somos Más is to evaluate the quality of the project during the course of its execution and to support the other organizations to design meetings that promote the connection between the partners.

As a way to support integration and cultural exchange, each participant has brought a typical dish from their country. Of course, we have greeted our new colleagues with a typical Jamón Serrano. And we have enjoyed tasty Turkish sweets as well!







Photo on the top: Annie Spratt on Unsplash