After planning our trips to meet again, sadly, we had to cancel our flights’ reservations and hotels bookings because of the situation of #COVID19. Nevertheless, we were able to gather together online and start a series of successful virtual meetings. At this time we replaced the transnational meeting that would take place in Zvolen, Slovakia.

In this first experience, we were presented to the Circulab Canvas, by Phoebe Blackburn, from Circulab network. She walked us through the tool and guided us during an exploratory discussion about a hypothetical company that wants to be more sustainable and go circular, using the Circulab Canvas as a framework.

After working with this fictional example, we had an extensive activity of mapping  3 real companies based on the canvas. These exercises were a great opportunity for us to practice a holistic view of businesses and how they can meet circular indicators.


Photo on the top: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash