Our second online lab was a reaffirmation that we can keep on training circular economy practices even during hard times, using the right digital tools. Once again, we had seven days of sessions training, using Jitsi, Miro, Zoom, GDrive… So many tools are available to help us.  In this Lab, we worked on how to build an action plan to deliver projects and initiatives that present the topic circular economy for a variety of audiences. This lab replaced one of our trips to Berlin.

Dina Padalkina, from Circular Berlin, introduced us to this great learning tool from Climate KIC, the European knowledge and innovation community, that supports initiatives to bring a more climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy. We had the time to go through two modules and go deeper into our studies of Circular Economy.

In two sessions of this lab, we have worked in groups, addressing 3 topics that needed to be broken down in a step-by-step action plan. After coming up with the plan, each group presented their plan to the big group and listened to some feedback.

Also, we had the pleasure to see  Phoebe Blackburn, from Circulab network, one more time. She supported us to map one of our partners business using the Circulab Canvas, the tool we got familiar with in a previous meeting.


Photo on the top: Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash